Our Production & Materials

eldvarm - handmade leather stitching

All of our products are crafted by highly skilled professionals in a number of carefully selected production facilities in Europe that share our values of honesty, sustainability and supreme craftsmanship. We strive to create beautiful products that respect nature throughout the production process. We use ethically sourced, natural materials of the highest quality.

One of our efforts is to produce as little waste as possible. Leather is normally a product where there is a lot of waste, due to its irregular shape as well as damages. We use a computer programme that calculates the best way to cut the leather so that there is as little waste as possible. Both leather and wood, being natural materials, have so-called “defects”. At Eldvarm, we think that these imperfections tell a story and give interesting details to the product.

We have also taken into consideration the impact that the environment has on our products and we pride ourselves on creating durable products. We encourage our customers to embrace the change as the tools show signs of usage, as the products take on a natural sheen, as they begin to mold into the hands that hold them… as they begin to show their stories by the fire.



We source our wood from certified sustainably managed forests in France (beech) and the United States (walnut). We love the natural beauty of wood and have therefore left some surfaces untreated. These will age naturally with use, producing a beautiful patina over time. 


When tending a fire you really only have the option of working with metal. We use steel as it is a great material in terms of durability, and also one that can be recycled very well. Our metal is powder-coated, and the coating we use is free of any toxins or harmful substances for minimum environmental impact. As of September 2020, we also have fireplace tools available in stainless steel. 

Leather - Eldvarm


We use vegetable-tanned leather, which is certified organic and free from chrome or other harmful chemicals. This ancient technique produces a leather that has natural variations in colour. The leather, especially lighter tones, will darken over time and obtain that much wanted patina of used leather. 

Brush - Eldvarm


Our brushes are produced on traditional machines at a third-generation family business in Nantes, France where they have been making brushes since 1947. Most brushes for fireplaces use synthetic fibre, while ours are 100% natural. The bristles are a unique blend of horse hair, the traditional material for fireplace accessories, and Tampico from the Agave cactus. Together they ensure that the brush not only looks good, but will last over time.