Our Purpose

At Eldvarm, we believe that there is a special magic that happens when people experience meaningful connections. We want to contribute to a kinder, more loving world by nurturing these moments of belonging. 

Having a strong social connection to our tribe has been fundamental for survival since the beginning of humankind. One of the most powerful tools to create these bonds was storytelling, and our ancestors would meet up by the fire every night to do just that. Today, meeting by the fire may be more of a metaphor, and our physical survival may no longer depend on it, but our longing for deep social connections is as strong as it has ever been

Much like our ancient ancestors, the Eldvarm story was born around the fire. Now we are expanding our horizons to create a platform for ideas that explore human interconnectedness, with meeting by the fire as the unifying theme. 

We aspire to create beautiful collectibles, each having its own story to tell. Our hope is that by sharing these stories we can provide a spark of connection for somebody else. We love the idea that these little sparks can be passed on and cultivated to become something bigger, or simply provide a fleeting moment of beauty.