Our Elements

These four elements are the pillars of Eldvarm, the undercurrents that run through Eldvarm, informing everything that we do, grounding our intentions, and driving our work with passion and integrity.


We love what we do, and we have built our company with love at its core. Love is the yardstick with which we create ,and we aspire to cultivate a brand within which love triumphs.


Our creations must be beautiful in their every detail. Nature is an unending source of inspiration for us, from the impossible symmetry of butterfly wings to the poetic patterns of shells. But nature’s harmony is more than just aesthetic: it reminds us of the world’s interconnectedness and instils in us a profound desire to protect that beauty.   


We are generous with ourselves, our creations and will share from our experiences. We cultivate compassion and show loving-kindness towards others. This spirit of generosity creates a ripple effect: it not only increases our own well-being, but it also helps to create meaningful social connections – it’s a fertiliser for conversations and eclectic encounters.


To us, vulnerability is strength. It is the power of trusting in our journey, even if we cannot see every bend in the road. It is the courage to take chances and have faith in our authenticity. Being honest about our own vulnerabilities helps us to forge even stronger connections with others. This is the guiding light of Eldvarm.