This is Eldvarm

We love fire — and all the warm, inspiring feelings associated with relaxing and socialising by a fireplace. Humans have gathered and told stories around fires since the beginning of our time. In the ever increasing pace of modern life, our need for moments of tranquility and togetherness is greater than ever.

Our mission at Eldvarm is to further enhance those precious pauses in everyday life through our collection of fireplace accessories, furniture and decorative objects. 

Our Production & Materials

All of our products are crafted by highly skilled professionals in a number of carefully selected production facilities in Europe that share our values of honesty, sustainability and supreme craftsmanship. We strive to create beautiful products that respect nature throughout the production process. We use ethically sourced, natural materials of the highest quality. Read more

Our Design

Our design is built on the Scandinavian values of elegance and simplicity, combined with a sophisticated and modern international touch.

Eldvarm’s mission is to make products that hold their own (we believe an empty wood basket should be as beautiful to look at as a filled one), that are highly functional (we are convinced we have the best designed fire tool set on the market) and that are long lasting. Read More

designing eldvarm

Our Love for Nature

Scandinavia is home to a small population living on a huge land mass, we’re surrounded by so much pristine untouched nature. We have the freedom to walk anywhere in nature, even if it is privately owned and we can even camp for a night or two. With this right, called “allemansrätten” in Swedish, comes responsibilities. We have an obligation to leave the environment as we found it, to not litter, to not damage wildlife or crops. Children in Scandinavia are taught from a very young age about this responsibility to nature, to leave it undisturbed, to keep it clean and beautiful. Read more