Eldvarm Encounters: Tamara Magel

In our new series, Eldvarm Encounters, we have been talking to some of our favourite designers and collaborators to find out some of their design stories, childhood memories, and tales of their favourite collectibles.

Our first encounter is with Interior Designer Tamara Magel who has been on our radar for a few years, thanks to her classic and contemporary design styles that often incorporate our Eldvarm products. 

Having originally started her career in finance, a move into Interior Design felt like a calling that she could not ignore. Her design focuses on finding an organic harmony using non-toxic materials with an emphasis on healthy design. Describing her style as “classic, chic, balanced, and stylish” we couldn’t wait to delve into Tamara’s background and inspirations further. 

Can you give us a little background on yourself and how you became interested in interior design? 

My first career was accounting and consulting, but I always felt like there was something more for me and that my soul wasn’t satisfied. 

I started taking both career and personal workshops that helped me better understand myself and what made me happy. I think we all came here with a specific purpose and a specific gift to share with the world. I am grateful that I found this at a young age.

Sustainability is very important to us here at Eldvarm. We understand that you work on low toxin homes. Could you tell us more about this? 

Yes I try to do this wherever I can. We try to source materials that are lower in toxins, not just green materials but actually non-toxic materials. There is a difference and we try to use fabrics that are all natural like cotton, linen, and wool.

We love the idea that your home is a reflection of your personality and maybe even your soul. Is this an idea that you try to emulate when designing with your clients and if so how do you do that?

I try to collect as much data as I can from my clients at the beginning of the project. How they live, how they want their home to feel, what colours and materials make them feel comfortable. From there I mix it with my own vision and the actual feeling I get from the house itself. I think combining this creates something authentic and well received by the client.

What is one book that you always share with friends and family, and what is your favourite book on design?

I love Khalil Gibran who is a poet. {Editor’s note: We recommend The Prophet by Khalil Gibran}

Over the years the design book that I like changes. I love Joseph Dirand‘s book. He is an architect and designer that I really look up to, I like his clean lines and beautiful dramatic marbles.

We like to think that collectibles connect us to memories and people from the past. What is your most precious item that you have in your home and why?

As a designer, objects are more a way for me to express my creativity. I try not to hang onto things once they’re over. I love new beginnings and with that comes new creative ideas and new things to work with. However, I do have a few pieces from my grandmother that I cherish, along with some vintage jewellery from the 60s and, of course, my marble vases and trays that are timeless.

We think that you first discovered Eldvarm at MONC XIII in Sag Harbor in the Hamptons. What first attracted you to our range and what is now your favourite product?

Yes I did, I really love that store, it’s always inspiring me. Natasha is exceptionally talented and has a beautiful eye. The first thing I saw was the log baskets with the beautiful metal screws. I have two in my house because I couldn’t decide between them. I use them in every project I have, they are great for wood, or magazines or shoe storage.

The four pillars of Eldvarm are Love, Beauty, Generosity, and Vulnerability. What do these words mean to you?

That is incredibly touching. To me that speaks to living authentically, by understanding that life is about interacting with other people and leaving a mark on them, and the deepest parts of ourselves being touched. Obviously beauty is what we share with the world as designers. It’s a beautiful gift, and by being authentic we are both generous and vulnerable.

We believe that the fireplace is the hearth of the home, where memories and stories are created and shared. Do you have a favourite childhood memory of being around the fireplace?

I would say that would probably be Christmas time. I love Christmas – the sound, the smells, the memories. It always seems to be a time that people are happy and sharing and together.

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