Eldvarm Encounters: Lisen Båge of Båge & Söner

We wanted to celebrate our collaboration with Båge & Söner so we sat down with the brand’s founder and CEO Lisen Båge to find out more about her story. Båge & Söner make beautiful alarm clocks, drawing upon traditional techniques and placing quality at the very forefront of their products. Lisen is on a mission to help us all reclaim our bedrooms as places of rest and relaxation, free from the technological stresses of your mobile phone. Let’s disconnect to connect. 

Can you give us a little background on your brand and why you launched Båge & Söner?

Being the mother of 4 sons of different ages, my sleep was often disturbed. Instead of resting and sleeping I realised I often got stuck scrolling on my mobile before going to bed. I dreamt of good sleep and a stylish alarm clock and then remembered the travel alarm clock that my grandmother used to have on her bedside table. After meeting watch expert Federcio Casado we started the design process of the Båge & Söner table alarm clock. Our vision was to create the world’s most beautiful alarm clock, made by hand with beautiful materials.

Your grandmother is the inspiration behind Båge & Söner. Can you tell us a little more about her and what she means to you?

My grandmother Susanne Brunner has always been my style icon. She was French and always very chic, intelligent and kind. She was curious and international, a French lady with homes all over Europe. I loved visiting them in their home in Lausanne. I have such wonderful memories of lovely walks and exciting talks with her and my grandfather. Our model French Kiss is a tribute to her.

What informs your design process? 

I wanted to make a clock that is a modern classic. I believe it is essential that products sold in 2022 are designed to last, and so we use materials that age well like vegetable

tanned leather and stainless steel. Another decision we took is that all clocks are mounted by hand in our workshop. This means that if it ever needs to be repaired we can do it ourselves and exchange the faulty part. I am against the “wear and tear” attitudes that we have had in the last centuries. It is time to do things in a sustainable way.

We love your philosophy of the bedroom as a sacred space of rest. Do you have any favourite relaxation rituals you could share with us?


Rule number one is no mobile in my bedroom. Instead, I have my beloved alarm clock,

“French Kiss” which keeps me on time and on track. On my bedside table I always have a pen and notebook so that I can easily note down anything that comes to mind or that I need to add to my to-do list. That way I don’t get stressed about it and I can put it out of my mind and fully relax.

For me to relax I need harmony and order around me. My bedroom is always tidy, the bed is made, pillows are fluffed and there is always an extra blanket nearby in case I need to take an afternoon snooze. When we leave the bedroom every morning we leave it how we’d like to find it; relaxation and sleep ready! It only takes 5 minutes and it is so worth it!

I also find that lighting a candle is very calming.

We like to think that collectibles connect us to memories and people from the past. This certainly seems inline with your product. What is your most precious item that you have in your home and why?

Apart from personal photographs, I cherish an old painting that I inherited from my grandparents.

What first attracted you to the Eldvarm collection and what is your favourite product? 

I’ve always really admired the Emma Companion Set. The one in Lichen green has been on my wish list for many years. I know exactly where to put it!

The four pillars of Eldvarm are Love, Beauty, Generosity, and Vulnerability. Which of these words speaks to you the most and why?

Love! It encompasses all the magic of life.

We believe that the fireplace is the heart(h) of the home, where memories and stories are created and shared and sparking moments of meaningful connection. Do you have a favourite memory of being around the fireplace?

I cherish our fireplace in Verbier very much. Travelling there always takes a bit of time and effort, but once we arrive we are all on a real holiday. I treasure the moments we have in front of that fireplace, having a glass of red wine with my husband with all of our boys around us: fond memories of love, dreams, discussions and laughter.

The Båge & Söner for Eldvarm alarm clock is a beautiful combination of grey, white and gold plated stainless steel. This limited edition series will be available exclusively in Eldvarm’s Paris boutique at 13 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6eme. Contact us at paris@eldvarm.com to find out more.

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