Eldvarm Encounters: Bonjour Verbier

For part four of our Eldvarm Encounters, we are heading to Europe, specifically to the Swiss Alps. Bonjour Verbier is a lifestyle and interior design studio based in the popular ski resort of Verbier who have been selling Eldvarm products ever since we met at the design fair in Paris many years ago. 

Leaning into the cosy chalet interior vibe, Bonjour Verbier, run by Marco Dionisio, has found success in curating character and soul in the properties of their clients, whether that is through the products that they sell or through their bespoke interior design studio service.

Can you tell us briefly how you came to have your beautiful shop in Verbier and how you became interested in design?

We have had our interior design business in Verbier for 5 years now. We feel very comfortable in all our activities and especially appreciate the daily contact with our customers. I discovered the shop by chance during a visit to friends in Verbier and I fell in love with it straight away, so that we were able to open the shop two months later. In February 2022, we also opened our “Bonjour Verbier Interior Design Studio” to offer our customers an even more personal and individual service. We are all really excited about it.

What is one book you always share with friends and family, and what is your favourite book about design?

Art exhibitions and books by Zhang Enli, Cy Twombly or Edward Hopper always inspire me anew. Not a book, but something that we share with family and friends with a lot of passion and heart is the game rummy. I learned it from my great-grandparents and we still play it today with wooden boards and stones.

We like to think that collectibles connect us to memories and people from the past.   What is your most treasured item that you have at home and why?

I have loved incorporating the “family treasures” into my life since I was a teenager. Whether it’s my grandma’s engagement service, or the family table with photos of the best dishes or the most elegant invitations, the crystal glasses sparkling in a soft green… I love the combination of history and modernity, because this always allows for new combinations.

How did you become aware of our range and which has become your favourite product? 

I discovered the Eldvarm products at the fair in Paris many years ago. The unique design of the collection, but also the warm and personal way of the Eldvarm team had completely convinced me. I like the fact that Eldvarm is constantly developing and surprises us with innovations.

The four pillars of Eldvarm are love, beauty, generosity and vulnerability. What do these words mean to you? 

The four pillars and content are very fitting for Eldvarm, but these also perfectly capture people’s feelings and today’s zeitgeist.

We believe that the fireplace is the hearth of the home, where memories and stories are created and shared. Do you have a favourite memory from your childhood that has to do with the fireplace?

Of course, those were the unforgettable moments with my grandparents, with whom my siblings and I spent wonderful and cosy times, including time and again in front of the warming fireplace. But even today we enjoy the time we spend together in front of our fireplace. There is always a certain magic to it.

Next time you find yourself hitting the slopes in Verbier, be sure to pop in and take a look around. Bonjour Verbier is definitely not one to miss! 

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