Up Helly Aa - Eldvarm

Fire Festivals: Up Helly Aa

Europe’s biggest fire festival lights up Shetland in the new year. What is it? Up Helly Aa is one of numerous fire festivals that ...
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Fireflies in japanese art

Fireflies in Japanese Art

Fireflies are especially beloved in Japan, where they’ve provided a rich source of art   Drab brown beetles by day and captivating spar ...
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Fire Myths: Prometheus

The famous figure of Greek myth stole fire from the gods and gave it to man  Who is he? In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan god of fir ...
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Fire Myths - The Firebird - Eldvarm

Fire Myths: The Firebird

In Slavic folklore and myth, this supernatural spirit can bring doom or blessing to its captor. What is it? The Firebird, which appears in n ...
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A Brief History of Fireplace TV - Eldvarm

A Brief History of Fireplace TV

Videos of roaring fireplaces have gone viral in the past decade, but the peculiar phenomenon of fake fire television dates back far longer. ...
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Fire myths - The Chimera - Eldvarm

Fire Myths: The Chimera

This enduring Greek myth involves a fearsome female fire-breathing hybrid beast. What is it? The Chimera (‘she-goat’ in Ancient Greek) is a ...
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