Introducing: Fireplace Screen Emma

News - New Fireplace Screen Emma

Eldvarm is proud to announce the newest product in the Emma series, the Fireplace Screen Emma — the result of yet another successful collaboration between Eldvarm and well-known Swedish designer Emma Olbers, who is responsible for the successful designs of Eldvarm’s other products.

Having a wood fire dramatically changes the aesthetic of a room — it’s a warm, welcoming sight that really makes a house feel like a home. With this in mind, we’ve created the Fireplace Screen Emma to ensure safety, keeping in wayward sparks and embers, without obstructing the view of the flames. Thanks to its elegantly understated design, with exclusive details in brass, it’s also beautiful when the flames are not flickering.

Its innovative design and handles make moving it a breeze, and a curved foot grants it extra stability. Unique among other products of its kind, there’s nothing like this fireplace screen on the market today.

Made with sustainable practices in mind, the Fireplace Screen Emma is expertly made, with loving care for the community and the world around us. Whether clients are looking to add to their Emma series collections or just want to bring an elegant, beautiful product into their homes, this fireplace screen is a sure winner.

Fireplace Screen Emma Classique

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