Our Love for Nature

Scandinavia is home to a small population living on a huge land mass, we’re surrounded by so much pristine untouched nature. We have the freedom to walk anywhere in nature, even if it is privately owned and we can even camp for a night or two. With this right, called “allemansrätten” in Swedish, comes responsibilities. We have an obligation to leave the environment as we found it, to not litter, to not damage wildlife or crops. Children in Scandinavia are taught from a very young age about this responsibility to nature, to leave it undisturbed, to keep it clean and beautiful.

These Scandinavian values of honouring and respecting nature run through our design and company. We find inspiration in nature and its beauty, and we respect nature throughout our production process. We use materials that will last over time, ones that withstand wear and tear because we believe that sustainability is also about durability.