My Love for the Fire

Eldvarm - Louise Varre with basket

Growing up in Scandinavia, fire was always important to me. My childhood home was heated through the winter with several interior fireplaces and in summer, family and friends gathered by the outdoor fireplace in my beloved grandparents’ summer home in Torekov, southern Sweden.

My grandmother, Ninne, taught me about the deeper, timeless quality of beauty. She educated me in the art of creating an inviting home. The fireplace was often the centrepiece because it was where the family connected. To me, our outdoor fireplace in Torekov represents all of these positive values as well as many of the most meaningful times in my life. I carry on the tradition of gathering around the fireplace with my children, who love it just as much.

We Scandinavians have a unique relationship with light and fire, due to the dramatic contrast between our long, cold, dark winters and short summers of endless light. In ancient times, people worked outdoors all summer while the winters were spent together in front of the fire, telling stories while crafting, polishing and perfecting objects. I believe there is a strong connection between fire and the heritage of Nordic craft and design.