About Emma Olbers

Eldvarm - Emma Olbers in her studio

Emma Olbers prides herself on being “a furniture designer with an eco heart”, making her a natural fit for Eldvarm. Her goal, since she began designing some 20 years ago, has always been to design quality products that are sustainable. For Olbers, products should be made from natural materials, be carefully produced and last for a long time.  

Born on a farm on the west coast of Sweden in 1972, Olbers is a graduate of Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, as well as the Sustainable Fashion Academy. She opened her own studio in 1999, and over the years she has collaborated with a number of different furniture producers, from huge brands such as Ikea to small start-ups. Olbers has won many awards for her designs, including Elle Deco Sweden’s Young Designer of the Year in 2014, AD Magazine’s Interior Designer of the Year in 2019, and Elle Deco Sweden’s Designer of the Year in 2020.