Fire myths - The Chimera - Eldvarm

Fire Myths: The Chimera

This enduring Greek myth involves a fearsome female fire-breathing hybrid beast. What is it? The Chimera (‘she-goat’ in Ancient Greek) is a ...
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Yves Klein - Stories by the Fire - Eldvarm

The Art of Fire: Yves Klein

As much as a certain shade of blue, fire was aesthetic perfection for the artist Yves Klein. In 1961, a year before his death, he travelled ...
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Eldvarm - Seven Searing Books About Fire

Seven Searing Books About Fire

Fire and storytelling have been intimately linked for thousands of years, with campfires creating a new context in which culture could flour ...
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Torches of the Pyrenees - Eldvarm

The Torches of the Pyrenees

This fire-fuelled Unesco festival is all about strengthening community ties.  What is it? The summer solstice fire festivals of the Pyrenees ...
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